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One of the most important roles for any doula is to be a constant presence by a labouring woman's side. Midwives are often busy juggling their many responsibilities but a doula will witness a birthing person from the moment they begin their birth journey, every step of the way. 

According to Evidence Based Birth Conceptually, continuous labour support is intended to:

  • Increase oxytocin 

  • increase mobility

  • increase self-esteem

  • decrease pain 

  • decrease anxiety 

and lead to

  • shorter labour

  • decrease use of interventions

  • higher satisfaction 

  • increase rate of vaginal birth 

  • better infant outcomes 

Within the ‘on call’ window, I am entirely at your disposal. Usually a few postpartum visits gives us time to weave your birth story and make sure you’re eating some lovely homemade meals.


In addition I can offer:

  • vaginal steams at each visit (assuming postpartum bleeding is light - usually around day four),

  • a ‘close the bones’ practice with a Bengkung wrap,

  • meal prep, tidy up, errands, light domestic duties - or I can take your other kids out of the house!

  • Placenta tour - I can also give you a little review of the anatomy of your placenta or help you honour it in whatever way you would like.  


Want to write a write a birth plan? As a trained Birth Cartographer, I work with families within the Birth Mapping framework developed by Catherine Bell to create a birth plan that prepares you for each possible fork in the road. 


Rooted Midwifery are the creators of the stunning 2018 film These Are My Hours. As a Rooted Midwifery Certified Trauma Informed Doula, I have rights to show it publicly. I think it is lovely to do a little film screening within the week/s before the due date or to combine it within a Mother's Blessing celebration. Dads-to-be get a lot out of this film too. 


A mother's blessing is a lovely alternative to a 'baby shower' where we centre and celebrate the mum. I bring ceremony and create framework for honouring and nurturing a mother physically and emotionally. 


​​I’m available via WhatsApp 24/7 for birth chat, sharing podcasts, books and resources. I am also always available to make phone calls, bookings or send emails to venues/care providers on your behalf. I’m also a good person to de-breif with after your antenatal appointments. 


I do not offer Robozo or body work apart from perhaps some counter pressure and warm packs or I help partners to do that confidently.  I am able to offer some advice on strategies for helping babies find an optimal position in order to resume a ‘stalled’ labour where appropriate and possible, in line with Gillian’s Guide 

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